4 Activities For Your Pre-School Child Should Involve This Summer

Summer has arrived and it has come with its own share of concerns for everyone. This is also that time of the year when people are bothered by the heat. This also reflects in the concentration of children in their studies and as a result we have summer holidays. If the adults declare it unbearable then one can imagine the situation of a preschooler who has no clue how to adapt to such conditions. Well, help is 4 steps away. We give you four ways to keep your child occupied & develop them in the bright days of summer as well.

  1. The world is bright because of the colors
    Children love everything which is visually colorful as a result drawing happens to be one of the best ways to engage them. Introduce them to the world of colors & let them do a color them drawing sessions.
  2. Live stories with them
    Find new ways to tell them popular children stories by enacting it out to them, nothing like involving the kids in an interesting story-telling session.
  3. What’s cooking Kid?
    Cooking is one of the best way to engage a child. Make use of simple recipes and a toy cooking set to give them a good experience about this engaging activity.
  4. There’s a treasure, there is a hunt and its fun.
    Organize a cute treasure hunt with children, let them out to search something hidden. Prepare them for this interesting activity. It is a challenge for both the parent and the child, but worth the fun.



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