About Beehive

The Beehive Advantage

At Beehive, we recognize the important role parents play in the learning process of a child. Hence, unlike curriculums that call for voluntary involvement from parents, we organize programs for parents to participate in the learning process.

Students at Beehive are taught to become independent and they learn to take care of themselves. They are given a plethora of multi-sensory materials for physical exploration in an interactive environment that further aids their learning process. Instead of acting as the primary enforcer, our well-trained teachers employ methods that promote self-discipline and abet in the development of their personalities.


Each Beehive centre is equipped with amenities like well-designed classrooms, child-friendly and ergonomic furniture, play equipment and innovative teaching aids.


Learning and development

  • A Library: We ensure that our library is well stocked with age-appropriate reading material that helps develop the child’s curiosity, concept building and cognitive skills. Regular story-times are built into their day to fuel their boundless imaginations.
  • Toys and puzzles: All our centres are equipped with toys that aid in the mental development of preschoolers. Building blocks, wooden blocks, alphabet and number blocks form an integral part of our hands-on learning philosophy and help build motor skills and conceptual understanding.
  • Role play and dramatics: The early years of your child are important for developing his or her self-esteem, social skills and creativity. Students at Beehive centres are able to play with a wide array of play materials that aid in socio-emotional development.
  • Outdoor play area: It is important for children to maintain an active lifestyle by engaging in physical exercises. Our centres provide the students the opportunity to play outdoors on swing sets, slides and other outdoor play equipment.


Health and wellness

  • Nutrition: In order to develop healthy eating habits in the child, we request the parents to pack in nutritious meals while the teachers encourage the students to finish their meals on time.
  • Hygiene: Our washrooms are especially designed keeping children in mind with all amenities at child level. Children are also taught basic hygiene such as washing hands before and after eating.
  • Day Care: Beehive also provides a regular day care for working parents who want to ensure that their children are in a safe environment and well taken care of during the day. In addition to regular pre-school facilities for continued learning through the day, day care children are also provided with amenities such as beds for nap time.

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Head Office

153, Garodia Nagar, Ghatkopar East,
Mumbai – 400077.
Tel: +91 22 25061007 / +91 22 65062071
Mobile: +91 7666146222
Email: communication@beehive.org.in

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