‘HOW’ YOU ARE SMART (In what way are you smart?)

Developmental Psychologist Howard Gardener developed the "Theory of Multiple Intelligences" which says, in effect, as human beings, we all have a repertoire of skills for solving different kinds of problems. He advanced the theory of Multiple Intelligences (MI) in the 1980’s attracting widespread interest among educators. The basic idea is straightforward: each individual has several intellectual potentials and diverse talents.

“How smart are you?” This is certainly a subjective question, and depending on the context, it doesn't tell us very much about the individual. A better question might be: “How are you smart?” Howard Gardner first discussed his theory of Multiple Intelligences in his 1983 publication Frames of Mind, in order to explain and identify the variety of ways that individuals are "smart". While some students are smart with words or self, and some are smart with people or nature, others have mathematical, physical, spatial or musical talents. It is the way that those people best understand, know and learn about the world around them. In his view, children and adults have distinctly different abilities or multiple intelligences.

According to Gardner, the implication of the theory is that learning/teaching should focus on the particular intelligences of each person. A further implication of the theory is that assessment of abilities should measure all forms of intelligence, not just linguistic and logical-mathematical. Gardner speculates that there may be many more intelligences yet to be identified. Time will tell.

The curriculum at Garodia’s BEEHVIE Preschool is largely inspired by Multiple Intelligence theory. Since, according to the theory each child is unique, every child possess a different kind of a mind. All children perceive and understand the world around them in different ways. BEEHIVE curriculum provides ample of opportunities to the young learners to create, explore, discover, interact and become confident. The program offers uniquely designed developmentally appropriate curriculum with day to day structured activities that suit the developmental needs of children.

Children at BEEHIVE are taught to become independent and responsible in a safe environment. They learn to take care of themselves. Our well-trained teachers employ methods that promote self-discipline and support in the development of children’s personalities.


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