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Our Approach

Our curriculum is based on the ‘Flower-to-Flower’ method, a unique philosophy that prepares the child for life and creates a strong foundation through cognitive, language, motor, social and emotional development.

The ‘Flower-to-Flower’ method encompasses two flowers. The first flower, ‘BEE’ stands for the building blocks of Beehive:

  • B – By hand approach that seeks to stimulate children’s senses by active participation through stories, music, movements, arts and crafts etc.
  • E – An active, enriching and child-friendly environment that promotes learning
  • E – A well-researched curriculum intended to create optimum results for the child. Truly, education with outcome

The second flower, ‘HIVE’ represents the benefits for children:

  • H – Well-crafted courses that promote holistic learning
  • I – Employment of techniques that fuel the children’s natural curiosity and nurture their inherent potential
  • V – Active participation of parents in the children’s learning process sought from trained teachers making it a value oriented curriculum
  • E – Engaging delivery structure to ensure overall development of children and prepare them to become future-ready citizens of the country

There are five primary entry points for our preschool – Playgroup (2 – 3 years), Nursery (3 – 4 years), Junior K.G. (4 – 5 years) and Senior K.G. (5 – 6 years). We also have a unique program called "BUMBLE" (1 – 2 years) which gives an opportunity for parent and child to take part in activities and bond. Additionally, we offer day care facility for children between 2 and 8 years of age.

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153, Garodia Nagar, Ghatkopar East,
Mumbai – 400077.
Tel: +91 22 25061007 / +91 22 65062071
Mobile: +91 7666146222

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