Programs Offered

Pre-school: Playgroup, Nursery, Junior K.G., Senior K.G.

Playgroup Nursery Junior K.G. Senior K.G.

Age Group: 2 to 3 years
Duration: 2 Hours

Termed as their play years, children in this age group are introduced to several individual and group activities that help in their overall development. Our Playgroup curriculum focuses on:

  • Providing a safe and stimulating environment that helps children interact with others of their age
  • Giving necessary resources like toys, books, games and puzzles that cater to the children’s inquisitive minds
  • Helping the children form a routine that eases the transition from home to school
  • Developing the children’s personalities, fine and gross motor skills

Age Group: 3 to 4 years
Duration: 2 Hours

Our nursery programme is designed to give your child a head start for school by incorporating the following in the curriculum:

  • Phonics, letters and numbers recognition through carefully designed learning activities
  • Valuable social skills through highly interactive teaching methods
  • Self-help tasks to enable them to develop a sense of independency
  • A chance to play and interact with other children to acquire important interpersonal skills

Junior K.G.
Ager Group: 4 to 5 years
Duration: 3 Hours

Children stepping into Junior K.G. are introduced to a programme that is thoughtfully crafted to inspire creativity, and assist them with:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Learning the basics of mathematics
  • Art, drawing and colouring activities

Our Junior K.G. curriculum covers a diverse range of topics, offering your child a window of opportunities to learn and grow, while helping them express themselves and understand more about the world around them.

Senior K.G.
Age Group: 5 to 6 years
Duration: 3 Hours

Our Senior K.G. curriculum continues to reinforce the development of communication, expressive language and vocabulary skills in children. Focus areas include:

  • Increasing their awareness of numbers
  • Engaging them in concepts and processes of math
  • Teaching them to explore sounds and letters of the alphabet
  • Helping them develop an interest in books and reading
  • Encouraging children to write short sentences
  • Conducting basic science experiments

In Senior K.G. children develop a strong foundation in a variety of subjects that prepare them for higher grades.

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