Summer Fun For Your Pre-School Child At Home

Summers can be fun if we pay attention to the brighter and positive side of it. Especially for children it can indeed be the brightest days of their life quite literally. This has been the case in a lot of places across the world that in the season of heat, it becomes some kind of a task for parents to manage pre-school children. If we were to interpret the opening sentence mentioned above, things can be fun if the approach is such.

One of the most interesting ways to add some life to the summer fun is the activity of decorating your room. In this way the children can be engaged and they can have a good time surrounding themselves with different colors. Parents can liven up their homes with theme based decoration which includes drawings on various themes and displaying them as decorative pieces in their children’s room. The following themes can be considered:

This could as well be an exercise for your child to learn ways to be photogenic. Though not necessary, but children would love to see a photo that makes them look distinct and good. So it is worth a try for new parents back home who must be wondering what new thing to try out with their children, well it’s time to cheer up and pick an outfit and simply dress-up. Let there be some cuteness and one for the family album memories.

Fairy Tale theme

Ask them to draw a different fairy tale character each day of the week. They can be guided about how they can make the images interesting with colors and their drawing style as per the theme requirement.

Superhero Theme

Superheroes are loved by every kid and this is a theme they would love to participate in. Let the kids get to fill colors on their favorite heroes. Try drawing a new superhero every day. Assemble their drawings and display their heroic activity on one of the walls of your home.

Disney Cartoons Theme

Disney has always catered to the cutest section of the masses as their target audience and they are nothing but kids. Recreate a famous scene from Disney cartoons which features Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy and many other characters.

Find your home coming back to life with these amazing theme drawings from the kids. So make the most of the summer time and indulge in activities that’ll make your preschool child smarter.



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